Viviers pour homards de qualité supérieure faits à la main !
(Handmade lobster tank)


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Salt Bag (20 kg)

Organic Coral Mix (7 kg)

Activated Charcoal Bag (7 kg)

Glass Hydrometer:

High quality
Material: Glass

For saltwater / Marine aquariums
Measures water temperature and density
Green indicators are an ideal range of water temperature and specific gravity for most saltwater/marine aquariums



Main features:

  • Consists of a compact device with easy-to-read measurements
  • User-friendly, with a safe salinity zone marked in green (Note: some corals require specific salinity levels)
  • To be mounted inside the tank for continuous reading, or can be used as a portable measuring instrument when needed

For steady salinity levels, we recommend testing the water weekly.

For optimum performance, periodically soak the hydrometer in a solution of vinegar and water (in a ratio of 1:1) for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse the hydrometer thoroughly under tap water after cleaning.

Ammonia Test:

Dissolved ammonia in water can cause several problems. Concentration levels above 1.2 mg/L in strongly alkaline water (pH above 8.0) are toxic to aquatic life.

Filter wool

Pre-filter: 30'' X 5 m

Master: 2 X 30''X 25 m